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Compact Online PC No drain Dripper with Self-cleaning


· Wide and deep water passgers of labyrinth inside dripper and Continuous self- flushing improve clogging resistance
· Diaphragm inside dripper made by excellent silicon gel is good for effect of pressure compensation and stability with long service life
· Produced by Good Quality of Raw plastic material and additive insure anti-corrosion, anti-UV and anti-aging well
· Adopting advanced production technology with very low CV, which is sure that the flowing of each dripper is nearly same
· Uniform discharges as high efficience of PC , which is good at irrigation for the area of undulating terrain
· Compact structure with small volume, which is convenient for the operation of field machinery
· With 2 different outlet, barb is suitable for one branch of Dripper stake, and nipple is connected with 2 or 4 branch dripper stake
· No-Drain models can reduce the leakage of dipper in uneven terrain and overhead drip applications


· Two type dripper available, Common and Anti-drain
· Common type with low preesure of outlet flowing, small head lose and the range of PC is 0.5-4.0bar.
Suitable for field irrigation, shrubbery,fruit tree and landscape.
· Anti-drain type seals at 0.15bar , and range of Pc is 0.7-4.0bar
Suitable for Greenhouse,nurseries and other pulse irrigation, to sure that each dripper can be flowing and stopped in same time.
· Three different flowing available, 2L/h, 4L/h and 8L/h to meet different requirement.
· Recommended filtration: 130 micron / 120 mesh


1. Deliver a precise amount of water regardless of changes in pressure due to long rows or change in terrain

2. Take Apart PC dripper with removable cap for easy cleaning.

3. Simplify the design of a system and greatly reduce the cost of installation and maintenance.

4. Easy installation,  connect them with Dn6mm hose or insert them onto Dn12-32 PE hose directly for various requirement of  irrigation.



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