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Precautions for the use of drip irrigation pipes

Drip irrigation pipe is a commonly used equipment in farmland irrigation, and its use has always been the content that users need to master. We not only need to follow the correct steps to use the equipment, but also need to pay attention to the details during use. If we make mistakes in these details, it will easily cause its irrigation operations to be affected. The following is a detailed introduction to this issue.
1. When laying drip irrigation pipes, pay attention to pressing and compacting the mulching film, making the mulching film as close as possible, without creating a space between the two.
2. Pipes and drippers are easy to be blocked and require high water quality, so filters need to be installed.
3. The water pressure in the pipeline affects the operation of the entire fruit tree drip irrigation equipment, so the water delivery pressure should be calculated before use, and a water pressure meter should be installed for monitoring and control.
4. Adjust the amount of irrigation water according to the condition of the fruit tree.
5. This equipment cannot adjust the field microclimate and is not suitable for irrigation during freezing period.
When users use drip irrigation pipes, in addition to mastering its use, they also need to pay attention to the above points. They need to pay attention to inspections during normal use, and deal with them in time when problems are found to avoid greater failure of the drip irrigation pipe.



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